RIR Respect
Be respectful of everyone
Show respect for the event workers who are here to ensure you have a great time, your fellow fans around you and the drivers and race teams on and around the track.

Be a good neighbor
While here on race weekends, please be courteous and mindful of our neighbor’s privacy and property around Richmond International Raceway.

Be responsible
When choosing to drink alcohol, please drink responsibly and observe all laws and regulations concerning alcoholic beverages designed to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

Be attentive
Stay alert to informational and instructional signage and announcements throughout race weekend to ensure a safe and memorable experience at Richmond International Raceway.

Take pride
Every fan plays a role in the success of Richmond International Raceway, and good behavior and actions can positively affect the experience for many fans in attendance.

Have fun
Whether visiting the many displays and games in the midway, tailgating or simply watching the great racing action on the track, please enjoy yourself and we hope you have a wonderful guest experience at Richmond International Raceway.

Richmond International Raceway RESPECT is a new awareness initiative to promote a first-class atmosphere at America’s Premier Short Track during the NASCAR event weekends.

Richmond International Raceway is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all fans at America’s Premier Short Track and takes great pride in providing the best guest experience in all of motorsports. Year round, the staff works to ensure all fans have a safe and memorable experience on race weekends. With that in mind, Richmond International Raceway is asking its fans to be a part of Richmond International Raceway RESPECT on race weekends.

Richmond International Raceway has the best fans and the best race day experience. By focusing on Richmond International Raceway RESPECT, together the track employees and guests can continue to make race day at America’s Premier Short Track an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.

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