RIR Cares
RIR Cares

Each year, RIR Cares provides support to non-profit organizations and charitable causes to help better the Greater Richmond Metropolitan Area and the surrounding communities.  We contribute through monetary donations, in-kind gifts, fundraisers and countless hours of volunteering time. 

Last year RIR Cares generated more than a quarter of a million dollars through donations and volunteer opportunities.  And our staff invested nearly 700 volunteer hours to support our community. 

We’re dedicated to assisting charities, causes and events in our community, focusing on youth, education and recreation. Richmond International Raceway Cares is a Donor Advised Fund of The NASCAR Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable entity, that donates racing-related items and offers financial support to assist community outreach programs and other nonprofit charities. 

Check out the videos below of the seven grant recipients of 2014. Everyone in our community deserves a fighting chance at a future! 

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